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2017-12-16 19:47:52 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Thanks for all the support on my Net Neutrality game guys. I'm humbled. It's great to know that people truly do care about this wonderful place we call the internet.

Major Announcement

2017-08-25 10:58:56 by OfficialBoxingwolf

As things sometiemes do, I'm afraid my new project Crime and Punishment has gone terribly wrong. The game works fine on my computer, but won't work at all online. So, I've decided to rethink things. The game will look and play completely differently, and likely won't even have the same name. It needs to be changed, so I'm going to be making a new file, and reworking the thing altogether. Sorry!

Crime and Punishment Official Screenshots

2017-08-14 20:38:49 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Okay, so I have some Crime and Punishment screenshots from in-game. I have a picture taken from a $100,000 underground bunker, purchaseable in the game, and a picture from the in-game TV. Let me know what you think!




Hello, Newgrounds! Today, I'm announcing the replacement of the story missions. 

The story I had created was a great story. However, the missions were dry, and glitchy, and there was only so much I could do with it. So, I have decided to replace the story with various types of missions that you can do around the map. Everything from disarming bombs, to heists can earn you cash. On top of this, I was exhausted with the story, so much so that I would have likely released the game too soon if I had continued with it. So, I'm going to be expanding the map to include the rest of Richman State. The game will also have many more smaller features, like more clothes, and safehouses could even be purchaseable at some point. Things like NPCs are also possible, and rocket launchers will likely be colming to the game as well, so you can blow the hell out of whatever you want.

Once again, this is all subject to change. I don't have a new map picture yet, but I will post one when I do. Thanks!

My Next Game

2017-08-12 18:52:07 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Okay, I'll just say it. I'm working on another game, and I have been for a long time. And yes, it's based off of a game people didn't like. However, I think I did it right this time. The new game is called Crime and Punishment, a GTA-Inspired game, which resembles a game I released months ago, called Grand Flash Auto (*booing and rotten tomatoes ensue.)

In Grand Flash Auto, the map was choppy, the graphics were terrible, and the gameplay was repetitive at best. However, this new game WILL BE DIFFERENT. The graphics are cartoony on purpose this time. The game has been made from scratch, and will feature things that Grand Flash Auto did not.

One such feature is an 18-mission-long detailed story. Here's a description:

Tony Moretti and his boss Jay Costa are nobodies, despite working their whole lives to become criminal masterminds. As the cops begin to close in on them in their hometown of Los Espiritus, San Badilo, they risk it all and head for the west coast. They arrive in Richman City, with nothing, and it's up to them to pick themselves up and start over.

The game has no set release date, and is not very close to completion right now. However, what I can give you is a picture of the map taken from the pause menu as a teaser. Enjoy, I guess.5897051_150257807323_ScreenShot2017-08-12at5.20.02PM.png

P.S. This is a Beta map. Everything you see here is subject to change, and the map could even get bigger (it won't get smaller.)

P.P.S. This is not to scale, as it is taken from the pause menu. In reality, I need five frames to fit everything on. 

P.P.P.S The exit button is no supposed to be there. that was there very temporarily, nothing will be there in the final game.

I have, as promised, fully revised and updated my game Nations At War. It has a bunch of new maps and upgrades, and plenty of fixes. I hope you all enjoy the game! Be sure to let me know what you think with a review.

Hey Newgrounds. I've been doing stuff in other areas of the internet for months now, but I'm coming back to Newgrounds for a fresh start. I'm deleting all my games and starting again with a new mindset. The goal before was to make extremely awesome games that would blow people's minds, and get really popular. However, I've changed that all to a big MAYBE. I don't care if I get popular. I don't care if I get a lot of plays or good reviews. If a game gets blammed, it gets blammed. There's no use trying to re-release it.

I'm going to start by releasing a heavily revised version of an old game that people actually liked, Nations at War which I for some reason took down. It will with some updated gameplay and graphical features, and a new name.

I don't care if you, the individual reading this post, want me to come back, because I've already made the decision. I'm back, and for better or for worse, I'm staying here for a while. Thanks, and also be sure to check out my website at (I don't have time to code a sophisticated website, so I used Weebly, sorry, deal with it.)

Where Am I?

2017-02-21 17:43:57 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know what's going on. 

I have essentially quit making flash games. They were, admittedly, awful. However, I might make more in the future, after some serious tutorial-watching. I am trying to improve my animation skills so that I can make the animated web series I've been dreaming of. It won't be produced on here, but I might post animation tests up here over the next few months. If you go to my website, you'll see what I've been spending most of my time on though: I'm not just a Newgrounds user. Thanks guys!


2016-12-13 16:34:30 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I had to restart the Grand Flash Auto Sequel. This time, I'm completely changing things.