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I've decided to take my two remaining Grand Flash Auto games off the site and start from scratch. A new game, with the same name, is on the way. It'll have very different gameplay. I've learned, and grown, a lot.

Epicraft Got Blammed

2016-09-24 06:53:58 by OfficialBoxingwolf

And I'm okay with it. This just tells me that this particular project is not yet ready for release. I've got other ideas. One thing that might work out is music. Another is a card game I'm working on. Stay tuned.

Epicraft 0.0.3A

2016-09-21 18:11:26 by OfficialBoxingwolf

This update is huge!

It adds:


-Stone! A new material mined from the ground!

-Pickaxe! Used to mine stone!

-Item selection: Click the "Next Block" button to move through your inventory

-A proper HUD, complete with a translucent white background

-A tutorial section, which gives you a brief idea on how to play


In addition to all that, I have updated my world generation system:


-There is now a 1 in 5 chance that flowers will spawn, instead of a 100% chance

-Worlds will (hopefully,) be less cluttered.

Epicraft 0.0.2c Notes

2016-09-21 12:25:57 by OfficialBoxingwolf

This update brings new environment chages and textures.


-Nicer, more realistic ground and Wood block textures

-Ponds can now spawn in worlds

-Flowers can now spawn in worlds

-Health has been added to the game, although there is no way to lose health

-The character is now only behind wood in the display order, meaning you never go behind anything other than wood

-Fixed a couple glitches


2016-09-20 20:00:56 by OfficialBoxingwolf

5897051_147441608622_ScreenShot2016-09-20at7.56.07PM.pngThis is the game a lot of people here have been waiting for from me.


The game is Epicraft. You chop down trees for wood, then use it to make stuff. Sound familiar? Unless you've been living under the metaphorical rock, you should have guessed this is a Minecraft clone (sort of.)

Epicraft has stuff like world generation and block placement, and this stuff is new for me, so be fair in the reviews. This game will be updated a lot (as long as it does well.)

Keep checking back on my news feed for update info. Have fun!

Greatest hits.

2016-09-20 05:48:12 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I have created a collection of all the games that have gotten more than two stars, to help filter out other games for new people.

Not Gone Yet

2016-09-15 16:04:21 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I'll stay. I'm happy to see that at least my fans are reasonable. I'll keep making games here, and on Kongregate. I'll be putting the best work I've ever done on both. Newgrounds is fun. Like I said, I'll stay. But could my fans just rate my game please? Lol, that encouragement could go a long way in judgement.

This Place Is Rough.

2016-09-15 06:59:17 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I'm moving to Kongregate. Things are better there.

After all the teasing, Beta testing, bug fixing, and frustration, Nations At War has finally been released!

You can play it here:

Ah, Crap.

2016-09-06 20:39:10 by OfficialBoxingwolf

The game has been delayed due to some problems.