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2016-07-27 12:05:48 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Hello, everyone. I just thought I'd explain GFA: VC. When it was first published, people hated on it, because it was like the other two games. While I haven't changed much this time around, the next game in the series will reinvent it. I did work hard on VC, though, so it's going to be released today. I just want you all to know, that this game is not the next big step for me.  After I release Grand Flash Auto: Vice City, I'll be working on other games. Then, when I'm ready, I'll release the fourth GFA game. Thanks for the support, as always.


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2016-07-28 14:50:26

Here are the ideas you should add in the Game:
Guns, in the Clicker Mode you can buy Guns to get more Money.
Walking in Street Mode, You should make an Exploreable map.
Cars, you should add Cars to Street Mode.

Thats all. You shold add more :P

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Chances are, there won't be a clicker mode. Just free roam awesomeness.


2016-07-29 15:38:10

Thing is, you shouldnt call your series, Grand flash auto, because that tells the audience its a fan-flash version of gta, but no, its a clicker series. You even use the same exact city names. You could've at lesat made the street mode slightly free roam. So please, your next "GFA" game, make sure the name lives up to it's potential this time. My suggestions, you remove all of the games except the original, so you have a fresh start with names. (not trying to offend you, just saying.) If you do this, people will most likely thing "Oh, just the same clicker shit, whatever." Instead of giving this new game a chance. From the comment you posted below, I think this may have potential, but take time with art as well.