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2016-08-03 17:06:33 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I've come to the conclusion that internet people in general are just jerks. Whatever, hater's gonna hate. new Super Awesome Bros. levels coming very soon.


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2016-08-04 06:21:49

Pleaso do Super Awesome Bros. 30 levels and add medals!

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Medals are coming soon, and I plan to eventually have 50 levels in the game.


2016-08-07 15:50:42

It's all right man! You'll get through the Hate and mostly i've been there in Real Life Also! I'm here for you Man... And also please make this Game your making it sounds Fun! Then add Medals!


2016-08-07 15:52:21

No wait you already made it my Bad! But sure add Medals...


2016-08-08 21:02:38

The reason you got hate is because you false advertised and wouldn't improve on your games. Expect hate, don't expect to get a warm welcome on the internet, how could you even expect that? People holding your hand? Not recieving criticism? No, that's now how things work. There's a difference between hate and criticism.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Yes, there is a difference between hate and criticism. And most of the negativity I received was HATE. Saying "this game sucks" and nothing else isn't telling me what to improve, now is it?


2016-08-17 15:16:36

You've only just come to this conclusion? What the hell did you expect? I joined this website when I was 12 and even back then I knew that people being jerks was inevitable, you're 16, you should know better.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

I'm not 16. Are you really that gullible?


2016-08-17 16:30:50

The way you behave and the amount of "effort" you put into your "games" gives me the impression that you might be younger than 16.
Anyway what reason would you have to lie about your age on here? It's not like anyone gives a shit.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Just protecting my identity. Way I behave? How do I behave? Idk what ur talking about. I wish I could defend myself here, but that would give away my real age and identity. So if you could just politely leave me alone, that would be great. ☺


2016-08-22 20:25:46

Don't let the internet get you down! Keep working on your stuff, you'll improve and become a great content creator!