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2016-09-10 06:58:28 by OfficialBoxingwolf

After all the teasing, Beta testing, bug fixing, and frustration, Nations At War has finally been released!

You can play it here:


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2016-09-10 09:55:20

That was fun.....

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Please rate it!


2016-09-10 13:38:13

Oops, forgot to beta test it. Been sick tho.

The game still needs improvement though.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Please rate it! Help me save my game!


2016-09-10 14:04:49

But it needs more work before it can be saved. For example: It's too simple of a concept. Just spamming the space bar is really monotonous. The gun and the character's art style is off by a bit. One's graphic is great quality, and the other is not. The screams of the enemies is really annoying. I had to mute my PC. It honestly seems like a beta test more than an actual, finished game. My comment is not intended to hurt you, but is to let you know you can improve it. It takes multiple votes to save or blam a submission. If the submission gets blammed, it's not the end of the world. It just means the quality isn't up to par. For example, I used to be scouted in the audio portal. It was later revoked because my music isn't good enough... yet. And that's the same advice for you. I hope this helps and other people can give you more detailed reviews because I'm terrible at it lol.