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GFA Update 1

2016-10-02 06:35:02 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Hey guys! You seem to be pretty interested in hearing about the new GFA reboot, so I've decided to update you on where I'm at. 

First off, the character customization system is done. You can go from a bald guy with a brown shirt and jeans, to a guy with beard wearing a taxi company uniform. There is one clothes shop and one hair dresser in the game. However, you can go to places aroud the map (like the taxi company,) and get other clothing.

Second, this game is FAR from being a clicker. The only time you click is to put on clothes or select a hairstyle.

Lastly, something new I'm adding is jobs. You can, for example work at the taxi company. You can also work at a Burger Shot. Anything you see, can and will make you money, and you can even buy out businesses for large amounts of money.


So, that's pretty much it. All is subject to change, as usual. Thanks!


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2016-10-02 07:03:53

Just rename "Burger-Shot" to something like more uh, original please. Besides that your project sounds great. I would work as a voice actor for you for free but I don't really have a quality mic to do so.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Are you a voice actor? I am too! Cool, man.


2016-10-02 19:50:35

I can help in some aspects, if you need audio or anything.