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2016-10-04 16:09:21 by OfficialBoxingwolf

I swear I'm trying as hard as possible with these games, let's just clear that up. But WHY did such a detailed game get such a bad rating? I don't understand. I did everything you guys said: Medals, Tutorials, Non-Clicker gameplay, and EVERYTHING ELSE. But TWO STARS? REALLY? I don't know why I even try anymore. All the times I've stayed up on my computer past 10 p.m, just for GFA, and I get two stars in return. I wrote everything from scratch, designed every business, atm, every clicky button, every online aspect, all 5 medals, for A WEEK. So I don't know what to do anymore, or how to please people. This is insane. It's annoying. So much effort, for nothing.

Also, why on earth would I continue to support a game no one seems to like? It doesn't make sense. GFA will be supported for a while longer.

My next game (If I make one, that is,) will be halloween-themed. I'm begging that that one will get some nicer reviews. It's not that I can't take criticism, it's that there is none.



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2016-10-04 17:19:55

The Grand Flash Auto game? It's because it looks like you took 3 minutes to make it


2016-10-04 17:37:54

I put 3 months in my last game and got just over two stars, it's a tough audience here lately

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

Glad someone can sympathize.


2016-10-04 18:27:34

Many people are playing for the medals. Some of them are mad when they don't work. I played the previous in the series and this is a pleasant change, given the arrow movement and character customization added. There is lag when I'm busting meters for cash, requiring multiple clicks and occasionally I cannot move subsequent to that action. The art is what it is and I'm guessing people want to see more than rectangles and sticks. The factor of getting busted randomly, even when shopping, is a little annoying, since there's no way too tell. GFA wasn't a total letdown, it was an improvement from the predecessors for sure.


2016-10-04 18:36:32

Ok, let's detail it down for you as to why your game is getting 2 stars. Infact, I'm shocked it didn't get blammed. I want you to keep in mind I'm not being mean to you.

I actually decided to play your game for 10 minutes, here's what I found.

From the very first 30 seconds of launching the game, I noticed several severe flaws. The animations or nonexistent (your stick figure thing is just one sprite), the buildings are just blocks of color, and I can count the amount of colors you used on less than one hand.

Sure, graphics don't make a game, but if the graphics are as bad as they are in your game, then it's going to turn a lot of people off.

Now, your maps are just one picture, which is alright, but you can't transition maps from one picture to another. It seems like you have to select what map to play on, and then you're set with that map.

Also, stick figures.

Medals, tutorials, and so on are all nice, but they work better with a functional game.

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

By pressing the ESC key, you can open the map back up and select somewhere new. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.


2016-10-16 08:40:53

May I remind you that a week is only 168 hours in total, and I highly doubt you spent 168 hours making that thing that you call a "game".
Just stop, seriously. Don't post projects with no animation, no real gameplay or anything like that. These "games" that you're making look like tests more than anything else.
Once you learn how to add proper animation, actual gameplay, decent graphics etc. Then you'll get more than 2 stars.
Do you know how I started making games? I started with a Dressup game because it was simple to do, didn't take too long, but also it has something you can do. I obviously look back on that game now and think how it can be improved, but overall for my first game it was ok.

And when I posted my other parody projects, and people called me out for putting no effort into them, do you know what I did? I didn't throw a hissy-fit and cry in a forum post, I instead responded to their criticisms by adding more things to do. Even then I look back on my Windows Vista parody and I can see how it can be improved, but that's all part of developing.

So. I think harsh criticism on your "games" is entirely justified, but at the same time, if you're really dedicated, then just keep at it. But with these current things that you're producing, don't upload them if you have high expectations.

Now I don't know what it is you use to make games, but I'll link you Macromedia Flash MX 2004 - a legendary program for making games and animations. I'll also link you a tutorial on how to make a dressup game.

Flash MX 2004:
Dressup Tutorial:

OfficialBoxingwolf responds:

I have flash. How would i make a Flash game without flash? I realize now I suck at making Flash games, which is why I haven't posted here. It's like amhuman said: I don't have talent, and never will. I can make a really good game, but not a Flash game. Also, what do you mean by "crying" in my post? The mood was sad. What makes you think I'd cry about this stuff?