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Crime and Punishment *UPDATE*

2017-08-13 08:57:48 by OfficialBoxingwolf

Hello, Newgrounds! Today, I'm announcing the replacement of the story missions. 

The story I had created was a great story. However, the missions were dry, and glitchy, and there was only so much I could do with it. So, I have decided to replace the story with various types of missions that you can do around the map. Everything from disarming bombs, to heists can earn you cash. On top of this, I was exhausted with the story, so much so that I would have likely released the game too soon if I had continued with it. So, I'm going to be expanding the map to include the rest of Richman State. The game will also have many more smaller features, like more clothes, and safehouses could even be purchaseable at some point. Things like NPCs are also possible, and rocket launchers will likely be colming to the game as well, so you can blow the hell out of whatever you want.

Once again, this is all subject to change. I don't have a new map picture yet, but I will post one when I do. Thanks!


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